Blake Lensing

Comedian. Writer. Host. Tiny House Guy. Not a Youth Pastor.

Blake Lensing is a comedian and writer from Little Rock, Arkansas. His love for comedy dates back to elementary school, when he would wake up at 5 a.m. to watch reruns of A&E's stand-up series An Evening at the Improv before catching the bus. Now he travels the country harvesting comedy from those early seeds of inspiration.

Blake's wholesome looks and friendly southern charm makes audiences think they may have accidentally stumbled into an inspirational Sunday sermon. He brings a warmth to the stage that puts the crowd at ease and primes the room for laughter. So when he starts telling jokes, the wit hits the fan!

Blake's calling card is to keep crowds guessing. He believes the best comedy is unpredictable, so his style is diverse and full of surprises. One minute you're getting witty, lighthearted one-liners in the style of Mitch Hedberg and Rodney Dangerfield, and the next you're treated to a passionate rant that reminds you of Chris Rock or Bill Burr.

Although he looks like an amazingly talented youth pastor, Blake is actually a reformed accountant. After graduating from college, he counted enough beans to make a mean pot of chili. But it didn't take to long to realize the only thing he hated more than cooking chili was cooking the books. So he sold most of his belongings, ditched corporate America, and moved into a 192 square foot “tiny house” on wheels to chase his stand-up dream. Nothing makes him happier than spreading the gospel of comedy. You could say he’s a born-again comedian, but it doesn’t mean you should.