Blake Lensing

Comedian. Writer. Host. Tiny House Guy. Not a Youth Pastor.

Blake Lensing is a comedian originally from Little Rock, AR. From the moment he steps on stage, his easygoing demeanor and friendly southern drawl puts audiences at ease. But as soon as he starts telling jokes, the wit hits the fan!

People tell Blake that he looks like a youth pastor, but he’s actually a reformed accountant. Although he was crushing that desk life, he ditched corporate America to move into a 192 square foot “tiny house” on wheels. After a period of accidental self-reflection that occurred during a desperate attempt to make the tiny house interior look bigger with mirrors, he fell in love with stand-up comedy. You could say he’s a born-again comedian, but it doesn’t mean you should.

Now Blake stands behind a mic telling jokes about his unorthodox, minimalist lifestyle and the world as he sees it. Or at least as much of it as he can see out of his tiny windows. Come on, cut the guy some slack.

His influences include Mitch Hedberg, Chris Rock, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Burr.  He's worked with Hart of the City alums Mo Alexander and Cody Woods, Dan LaMorte, Madison Sinclair, and Corinne Fisher from the popular Guys We F****d podcast.  He still lives in the tiny house with his high school sweetheart, Lauren, and their two cats, Molly and Daria.  If you catch him performing comedy near you, make sure you say hi after the show.  He likes that.